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Look who I met at the Mount Dora, Florida Half Marathon!
Bill Rogers!  
Winner of the Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon, FOUR TIMES EACH!
bill_rogersr bill_rogers2r






weslleyOn April 20, 2015, I ran my 4th FULL Marathon, in Boston!  It's true, I finished the 26.2 miles 5:38.  Yes, that is slow, but I still beat 451 people!  Which means I was beaten  by 26,159 people, including the 7 month pregnant lady!  Maybe next year I won't spend 45 minutes in the scream tunnel, bet that will help my time!   🙂  (just teasing honey!)  #bostonmarathon


New York City Results:
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  That's Me, before & after!  Down 55 lbs! 

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