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Running Highlights since I started in September of 2011 (Fisher House 5k)

  • First half marathon in February of 2012 (Five Points of Life).
  • First Full marathon November 3, 2012 - Rock n Roll, Savannah, Georgia.
  • Second Full Marathon November 3, 2013 - NYC Marathon New York City, NY
  • Third Full Marathon November 1, 2014 - Monumental  - Indianapolis, IN
  • Fourth Full Marathon, April 20, 2015 - the BOSTON MARATHON!

Since my running start, in addition to 3 Full Marathons above, I've completed 25 Half Marathons.  12 of which were in 2014 (one every month!).

Highlights for 2014!

Whitby, Canada Half Marathon - I placed in my age group, 50-54.  It was last place, but still, I placed.  Those dam Canadians are fast!

Phoenix, AZ Rock n Roll Half Marathon - I was beat by a runner, uh, a Blind Runner.  Not partially blind, 100% blind, being led by a rope.

Phoenix, AZ Rock n Roll Half Marathon - I was beat by a guy missing half a leg.  And I do not mean a blade runner, I mean a guy with half a leg, on CRUTCHES!  But he only beat me by a minute or three.

Indianapolis, Indiana Monumental Full Marathon.  I was beat by a speed walker.  The guy was old  and fast. And still beat me after I tripped him three times!

Mount Dora, FL  Half Marathon.  Not only was I beat (again) by a speed walker, I was even reprimanded by him.  "We take offense to the term Speed Walkers, we are called Race Walkers". Needless to say, I corrected myself and called him AS***LE Speed Walker!

Places I've had the opportunity to run in:

  • Gainesville, Florida
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Blackpool, England
  • Madrid, Spain
  • New York City
  • New Delhi, India
  • Chicago, IL
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Rome, Italy
  • Oklahoma, City
  • Whitby, Ontario
  • Greenville, Ca
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Vero Beach, Florida
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • St. Augustine, FL
  • Mount Dora, FL

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Madrid, 2013!
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